9 December 2014

{10} ALLGRENA: Cold (1997, lim. tape)

The austrian Franz Nigl is the creative mind behind Allgrena, he works with iron steel percussion,drums, flutes and other stuff in specific places for sound research (percussion at the walls of a bunker, playing flutes and violine in the canalisation of Vienna,gasometer towers,big iron tanks on destroyed factorys at Dresden ...)
Cold is a very rare tape self-released in 1997, the sound is floating between ambient and post-industrial sounds with a strong emphasis on ritualistic and rhythmic percussion, that lead us to somekind of transcending soundscapes with the beautiful sound of water. Strongly recommend record if you like cold atmospheres.

28 November 2014

{9} TAUSENDSCHoEN : Neurophysiological Foundation (1999,lim. tape, Self-released)

Tausendschoen is the music project by Helge Siehl, that operates since 1998 in the field of experimental ambient music, and has released many works and participated in collaboration with other artists. He was also part of the industrial music project Screaming Corpses, the dadaistic acoustic noise project Föten Mit Flöten and well know by the defunct drone project Maeror Tri, that is in the list of future posts on R.N. 
Neurophysiological Foundation is a great record that must be appreciated on the right mode, not the kind of record to hear every day, but a good source of inspiration to create something artistic. The beautifull cover of this limited cdr talks from it self. The nine tracks founded here, could be described has a voyage through the confines of our mind, with a deep sonic atmosphere that is given to us with a ocean of subtle drones, and somekind of industrial tribal rhythms, spiced with soft ritual sounds.

Limited cdr edition that comes inside an handmade packaging.

24 November 2014

{8} DIE SONNE SATAN : Fac. Totum (1993,lim. tape, Slaughter Productions)

Been a while since I posted something new, the reason why is becouse in the last months I've been busy with other projects, so my apologizes for the absence. I noticed that R.N. has gained new followers on the facebook, so welcome to the newcomers. For this new post i decided to bring you an artist that in past was already here, and also becouse one of the beloved followers ask me if i could re upload that record.
 Die Sonne Satan was a music project that was in active from 1991 to 1997, by the hand of Paolo Beltrame, who was helped by Claudio Dondo (Runes Order and Order 1968), both members from Atom Infant Incubator.
 Fac. Totum was one of the first works (maybe in future i will post more stuff from this project...)of Die Sonne Satan. The aesthetic feeling that i get when i hear thisis something that comes from a deep and unknown past civilization, with knowledges that are directly linked with the mind, conscience and soul. The sound is really deep and obscure, with rumblings, drones and occasional chants (track number 9 is a good exemple, and also is one of my favorite) that transport us to an Esoteric Ritual, where darkness is diluted with brief passages of light. Highly Recomended record if you like odd atmospheres.

Packaged in an A5 sleeve.

3 February 2014

{7} various: TUVA, AMONG THE SPIRITS- Sound, Music, and Nature in Sakha and Tuva (1999)

Tuva , Among the Spirits " released by Smithsonian Folkways label, is a beautiful journey through the wild southern Siberia , where Nature and Man has a very personal connection . This " document " if we could call it, is a very interesting approach to Tuva music. The traditional Tuva is intended to emphasize timbre and harmonics over rhythm, the musicians act as performances in places of natural acoustics , such as caves , cliffs , rivers etc. In this intimate musical process , the musician lets nature do also part of unpredictable final composition , where human voice is the main musical instrument . In this unique and special musical genre , is very common to hear imitations of animal sounds ( birdsongs ) , however the sound experimentation is also present, something that we can identify as vocal drones . These are the sounds that we find in this amazing disc, natural sounds and the voices of Tuvans' belief (songs of praise , chants), and of course we should not forget that Shamans are part of this same family, thus enabling us to understand many of these beliefs, upon creation of these archaic musical works.

1 January 2014

{6} ARIEL KALMA: Osmose (1978 2xLP; 2006 cd; 2013 LP)

 On this first day of the year, i decline until the first year of the existence of this blog (2008), in which his second publication was the excellent album that is "osmose". Originally released in 1978 through the talented composer Ariel Kalma, using all manner of keyboards, harmonium, sound effects, saxophone etc. where rhythms and melodies are inspired from Nature, various cultures, native instruments, modal music (music that uses diatonic scales that are not necessarily major or minor and does not use functional harmony as we understand it within tonality...) and even circular breathing. 
 This record is a trip in to the ecological environment, the mystical side of man and Nature, where the minimalist complexety of the sounds are fused with the rainforest "music", record by Richard Tinti in Borneó. From this mix Ariel created abastract melodies and warm chordal, accompanied with simplistic tribal beats, wich in all perfectly blended with the calls of crickets, frogs, cicadas and the artificial drone. But please, do not confuse this sublime music with commercial new age music, it has nothing in common in their construction and elegance, because this disc is superior in all its essence and experimentalism, which differs from such a poor product as the mentioned gender.
 Highly recommended for listening in the days when the physical, emotional and spiritual wear need additional reinforcement. 

p.s, the link is not available, soon i will upload it again.

31 December 2013


 For the last day of the year, according to the current Gregorian calendar (the most widely used today in most of the world), I decided to gift you with a very interesting split between two great projects. The disk in question belongs to a series of splits released by  Dead Pilot Records in very limited cdr editions, this is the seventh in the series.  The first track belongs to Plurals (Pete Dodd, Duncan Harrison, Daniel Mackenzie and others...from uk), they play somekind of psichadelic drone noise music with layers & layers of sound textures, that pervade our brain waves with strange frequencies that elevate us to a state of pleasurable catalepsy. Tullum Shimmeting brings us the second track of this record and it's a UK based one man's project (Jake Webster) that i like a lot. The sound that he creates it's an amazing trancedental drone music with timeless loops and a lot of ethnic influences.Certainly in the near future I will here post an album of these  two projects. Not even worth saying that this is another record that I highly recommend.

Limited edition of 100 copies.

24 December 2013

{4} DEEP MAGIC & PINE SMOKE LODGE:split (2010)

 Few days after the commemoration of the winter solstice and on the eve of modern consumerist Christmas Day, I decided to leave you with a 4 tracks "split" cassette, of two very interesting projects. Even not being very familiar with their sound, because both Deep Magic as Pine Smoke Lodge has a dense discography.
Let's start, Pine Smoke Lodge is an duo from Portland Maine, consisting of Matt McKeever (that runs the Existential Cloth label) with Hillary Dickerson (I read somewhere that the project is "dead", although it can not comply with any certainty...), they create an alchemical music with dense layers of sounds, which both explore the meditative drone, devotional chants (mantras), intimate landscapes in which the use of instruments such as the xylophone and bells, give it a beautiful, strange nature where being merges with the surrounding universe. In a similar field, we have Deep Magic, a solo project by Alexander Gray, who has also contributed in other projects (Pocahaunted, Black Eagle Child...), that explore great drone psychedelic soundscapes which could melting our mind on a state of trance (like the 32 minute track that we find here), but beware, not all his albums contains this sublime contemplation, sometimes could be in a more noisy way. In the future I will definitely post here a record of both projects, until then, enjoy this gem.

Limited edition of 65 copies.

18 December 2013

{3} various: ECHOES OF NATURE- American Wilds, the Natural Sounds of the Wilderness (1993)

 One of the purpose of Ritualistic Nature existence, is to use music as a bond of man approaching with its archaic beginnings of existence, where Nature and Cosmos were fully intrinsic to our earthly existence. Our ancestors kept this direct connection with the surrounding environment, respecting it and venerating it. Not that this does not happen today in a small minority, however in general this whole concept is misrepresented by the media, by science and some well-known religious beliefs.
 We live in difficult times at the moment, is very true, as the Hindus refer to in their scriptures is the time of Kali Yuga. However it is up to us to change the course of events, to be reborn into a new era that Nature is not denied to the background, because both technology and man  conscience should walk in harmony with the divine creation.
  What we find here in this Natural Sounds Of The Wilderness, recorded and arranged by Kim Wilson, is simple that, wilderness sounds like songbirds, eagles, ravens, elk, rain, thunder, frogs, crickets etc. This record is the first of the Echoes of Nature series (i will post them all here in future) released by LaserLight Digital label in 1993.
So please, Relax and Enjoy this beautiful sounds.

12 December 2013

{2} T.A.C.: Apotropaismo (1998)

 I was not to post this here again, but becouse this record is not very easy to find, and the Nature behind the sounds are at some moments very closed to an riualistic and shamanic feeling, i think that i'll give it a second chance to bright on this humble space.
 T.A.C. aka Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata, is a post-industrial, avantgard, experimental, ambient project from Cagliari (Italy), that was formed in 1981 with five members (Andrea Azzali, Simon Balestrazzi, Giorgio Barbuti, Fabio Cortesi & Giampaolo Terenziani).The name is the Italian for the medical imaging device Computed Tomography (CT).
 Between 1985 and 1997 several personnel changes occurred and several line-ups revolved around only original member Simon Balestrazzi
After a few years hiatus, Simon  relocated to Cagliari and reactivated T.A.C. with two Sardinian musicians (Monica Serra and Corrado Loi). 
 Apotropaismo is a very interesting record that could transport the listener to another reality or dimension. It is an album that displays great instrumental versatility and richness of detail. Some of the 14 tracks are based in intense ritualistic percussion and colorful sound atmospheres that can be fused with different ethnic sonorities, inspired by the Australian roots with didjeridoo vibrations, Tibetan bells and prayers, Indian chants and with the Mayan culture.
 We can say that this eclectic album, approaches of different religious beliefs, which man has perserved over the centuries and transmit it to their offspring. Not being a perfect album, it contains ups and downs in its composition, but it is surely an album that deserves our attention and contains great moments of inspiration.

Limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies. 

11 December 2013

{1} LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET: Hyperborean (2003)

  For the first New post i decide to present you with Lunar Abyss Quartet, a shamanic ethno ambient project from the prolific Evgeny Savenko from Russia. This great project is also know as Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Lunar Abyss, Лунная Бездна and L.A.D.O.. This artist assiduously collaborates with other musicians such as Bardoseneticcube / Hattifnatter / Neznamo / Vresnit etc. and has released a very limited CD-Rs editions with an great Artwork.
 Before continuing, I hope the artist in question does not raise problems with my posting, the reason of it is due to the fact that this project is not yet very well known, and deserves to be disclosed in order to reach a wider audience.
 Hyperborean is the fourth volume of the "Prometheus" series, previously released by the Russian label Der Angriff, chronologically as follow: Vol.I- Lucisferrato "Childish Songs For..."; Vol.II- Sal Solaris "Remember"; Vol.III- Stalnoy Pakt "Decima Mas..."; Vol.V- Reutoff "From The Womb". 
 With a long period of activity, this record is in my opinion one of  the best that L.A.Q. has released ( i probaly will post here one more record of this project, but under the name of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum). 
 The sounds present here offers us a mysterious travel into the heart of ancient Baltia, with enchanted ritual ambient soundscapes, ancient chants, delicate percussions and great sound-effects.
 With four untitled tracks, where the first one started with some male vocals, samples of horses neighing and hipnothy timelesse female chants, being the welcome card for this amazing disc.
 Katerina Baryatinskaya (a former member) also collaborated on this 24 minute-long 10"disc, that i highly recommended!
Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies.

New Light on R.N.

 After a long absence, Ritualistic Nature is back with a new look and fresh new posts. I also will re-uploading some of the old stuff posted here since 2008, but some of the records closer to an Dark Ambient/Gothic/Neo Folk and Industrial aesthetic will be erased, because deviate a bit from the Nature of this blog. From now, all the future posts will be tagged with a number and genre(s) that best identify what i share here with you. I also will post some new projects in the field of "forest folk", "folktronica" and other stuff which in my opinion could be part of the aesthetic of this blog.

 Fell free to send me your musical proposals, and maybe I can review them here.

 In future i will start my own small Label, untill that happens, please enjoy the music that these talented artists have created for our delight.

 Finally, thank you for all your nice words and support since i start this project.

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