11 December 2013

New Light on R.N.

 After a long absence, Ritualistic Nature is back with a new look and fresh new posts. I also will re-uploading some of the old stuff posted here since 2008, but some of the records closer to an Dark Ambient/Gothic/Neo Folk and Industrial aesthetic will be erased, because deviate a bit from the Nature of this blog. From now, all the future posts will be tagged with a number and genre(s) that best identify what i share here with you. I also will post some new projects in the field of "forest folk", "folktronica" and other stuff which in my opinion could be part of the aesthetic of this blog.

 Fell free to send me your musical proposals, and maybe I can review them here.

 In future i will start my own small Label, untill that happens, please enjoy the music that these talented artists have created for our delight.

 Finally, thank you for all your nice words and support since i start this project.



Iggnsthe said...

Great to hear! Activity on this blog has been sorely missed, I'm sure! I look forward to seeing your future posts, thanks as always for the introduction to interesting sounds.

EcoPagan said...

Hi Iggnsthe, thanks for the comment and nice words.

DiscordianGrandpope said...

Great! Resurrection of RN!

EcoPagan said...

"discordian" R.N.was never properly lifeless, it can be said that has been in hibernation.

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