11 December 2013

{1} LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET: Hyperborean (2003)

  For the first New post i decide to present you with Lunar Abyss Quartet, a shamanic ethno ambient project from the prolific Evgeny Savenko from Russia. This great project is also know as Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Lunar Abyss, Лунная Бездна and L.A.D.O.. This artist assiduously collaborates with other musicians such as Bardoseneticcube / Hattifnatter / Neznamo / Vresnit etc. and has released a very limited CD-Rs editions with an great Artwork.
 Before continuing, I hope the artist in question does not raise problems with my posting, the reason of it is due to the fact that this project is not yet very well known, and deserves to be disclosed in order to reach a wider audience.
 Hyperborean is the fourth volume of the "Prometheus" series, previously released by the Russian label Der Angriff, chronologically as follow: Vol.I- Lucisferrato "Childish Songs For..."; Vol.II- Sal Solaris "Remember"; Vol.III- Stalnoy Pakt "Decima Mas..."; Vol.V- Reutoff "From The Womb". 
 With a long period of activity, this record is in my opinion one of  the best that L.A.Q. has released ( i probaly will post here one more record of this project, but under the name of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum). 
 The sounds present here offers us a mysterious travel into the heart of ancient Baltia, with enchanted ritual ambient soundscapes, ancient chants, delicate percussions and great sound-effects.
 With four untitled tracks, where the first one started with some male vocals, samples of horses neighing and hipnothy timelesse female chants, being the welcome card for this amazing disc.
 Katerina Baryatinskaya (a former member) also collaborated on this 24 minute-long 10"disc, that i highly recommended!
Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies.


Vitezslove Sichtar said...

Thank you for introducing this project. What a wonderful music it is!

EcoPagan said...

You´re welcome Vitezslove, i advice you to check all the other nice works of this project, for me "hyperborean" is one of the best.

Marwinsing said...

Have only good things to say about LADO, and Russian Ritual Ambient in general.

EcoPagan said...

I fully agree Marwinsing, the best projects in this field comes from mother Russia!

BioSonar said...




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